sonsonThat’s me, pixelated, or in 8-bit format. (Oh, yes I love tiny tower!)

Here are a few things about me:

  • I like desserts, I also like making them. And making something sweet is one way I handle stress.
  • I enjoy knitting.
  • I also enjoy photography.
  • I like cute things (toys, plush toys, cartoon characters, you name it).
  • I enjoy Miyazaki movies, and My Neighbour Totoro is my all-time favourite.

A few things about this blog:

  • Posts are likely in English or Chinese.
  • Posts are often short and quick.
  • This is a place for me to leave snippets that I think that may be a little “too much” for twitter or facebook.
  • I like automation. Some of the posts are made automagically by one of my favourite services, IFTTT.

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